#HackBDG – Mozilla Webmaker Workshop

This is very-late post since i have some serious problem to my health condition.

Here we go..

We’re holding our “#HackBDG – Mozilla Webmaker Workshop” event on 6th September 2014. The event also part of Maker Party, the Mozilla’s global campaign to teach the Web.

In this event, there are 3 Mozilla Reps joining. They are Muhammad Fadhil (me as event host), Fauzan Alfi, and Risman Rangga Pratama. There are 22 participant from around Bandung also joining this event, mostly student that also have a background in CS and Education. Things that we covered in the event are updates from Mozilla and it’s projects, Introduction to Webmaker + Demo of the Tools, and hack-the-web activity. Before we start, we do a spectrogram with Smart City and Internet as the topic, which is quite popular discussion in Bandung.

As usual, after the spectrogram session, we tell the participant to write down what their hope at the event on Post-It, and stick it to the “tree-of-hope”. Most of them wants to know more about Webmaker and how to contribute.

The tree of hope. Photo by Fauzan


I started with an Intro about Mozilla and all it’s projects including the updates. Then i continue with Intro about Mozilla Webmaker and it’s tools. We are demo-ing how to use the Webmaker Tools. In this session, we use X-Ray Goggles, Thimble, Popcorn Maker, and App Maker. The participant looks excited and try to hack the web with those tools.

Explaining about Mozilla and it’s projects. Photo by Fauzan
Participant is looking how Webmaker tools works. Photo by Fauzan.

After the demo, we split the participant into a group to make a hack using Webmaker tools and do the hacking session. In this session, we tell that they must make at least 3 makes from 4 Webmaker tools with the theme “Your Dream Smart City”. This is really challenging to the participant to explore their creativity to make the Smart City of their version.

Group Discussion. Photo by Fauzan.
Group Discussion. Photo by Fauzan.

In the end of session, they presenting what they have done with their makes and share the result.

One of the group is presenting their makes. Photo by Fauzan

There is so many brilliant idea that can implemented on the real life too! Many of them have creative idea about smart city which is possible to implemented in real life. After the presentation, we end it with group photo.

Group Photo!
Group Photo!

I would like to say thanks to my mentor Irayani Queencyputri for all the advises to prepare this event and the fellow reps Fauzan, and Risman, that helps me to organize this event, and Telkomsel for supporting this event and provided the high-speed internet connection and the room for us to use. Without your help, i wouldn’t be able to organize this event. Thank you!


And here is the makes that have done in the event:

Group 1:
Thimble: https://feridi94.makes.org/thimble/ODkzMjU4MjQ=/bandung-smart-city
Popcorn Maker: https://roosenorahman.makes.org/popcorn/29dg

Group 2:
Thimble & X-Ray Goggles: http://baguzzzaji.makes.org/goggles/baguzzzajis-remix-of-
Popcorn Maker: http://baguzzzaji.makes.org/goggles/baguzzzajis-remix-of-

Group 3:
X-Ray Goggles: http://hadibanoe.makes.org/goggles/hadibanoes-remix-of-icity-akan-memberlakukan-etilang-pada-oktober-2014-kompascom
Popcorn Maker:https://arief-novianto.makes.org/popcorn/29da

Group 4:
Thimble: https://rizkicahyana.makes.org/thimble/MTA2MTAzMDQw/home-cigadung-smart-city
X-Ray Goggles:http://hanfiev.makes.org/goggles/hanfievs-remix-of-basuki-2000-pejabat-bakal-dilantik-presiden-tiga-perempat-kompascom
Popcorn Maker:https://sarwono.makes.org/popcorn/29de