#MozKopdarBDG December 2012

Finally, i have succeed to held the #MozKopdarBDG event on Saturday, 15th December 2012. MozKopdar event is based on MozCoffee concept, which MozKopdar is localized version of “MozCoffee”. We hosted this event in Clio Cafe & Resto, Bandung, Indonesia. This is a monthly meetup for Mozillians in Bandung and people who interested about Mozilla projects. In this meetup, I, Fauzan Alfi, and Risman Rangga talk about Firefox OS, L10N, Mozilla Webmaker, and Mozilla WebFWD.

We’ve got 11 attendees for the event, 1 Rep Attendee from Jakarta, Artanto Ishaam, and the KUMI papertoy creator Faisal Azad. Most of attendees are students, some of it are Freelance Designer and Reporter. They are looks enthusiast when we present the whole topic from beginning until the end.

That was awesome!

This is the photo set on flickr.


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